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1STEK Staffing and Consulting (1STEK) Ltd., established in 2001, is a Hong Kong-based recruitment agency providing justifiable client-driven human capital management solutions to a varied range of clients across the regions in South East Asia and Africa. With coverage of experience in distinctive global staffing markets, we have established an amenity offering that conveys regional proficiency and knowledge straight to our clients operations without the necessity to source from numerous dealers.

In view of the growing progressively harder to discover good talent to fill an Executive Position or highly skilled IT and Telecommunication professionals, there is a growing gradually mutual to search for the guidance of knowledgeable and professional headhunters. 1STEK Ltd. has turn out to be the go to headhunting agency to discover the needle in the haystack aspirants for Executive level positions in the IT and Telecommunications sectors.

At 1STEK Ltd., we pool our years of recruiting experience and knowledge, headhunting expertise, and business judgment with an operational recruitment procedure to guarantee that our clients rise from the recruiting challenges and discover the best conceivable candidate for the occupation. We also stand separately from other local headhunting firms by constructing a robust affiliation and association with our clients and our candidates, taking the time to appreciate and comprehend clients’ necessities and prerequisites and executing a directed headhunting crusade to find the clients’ seamless and impeccable candidate for their advancing companies. Our recruiting professionals at 1STEK Ltd. consider a relationship-oriented tactic and methodology, engaging themselves in the regions’ employment community.

Our qualified and skilled team

A human resources subcontracting, consulting and recruitment company, 1STEK Ltd. offers and delivers strategic upkeep to serve clients’ HR essentials and requirements. Our qualified and skilled team of professionals has knowhow in a comprehensive range of domains, with a special focus on IT and Telecommunication sectors. Whether clients necessitate continuing support, consultation services or a provisional HR staffing solution, we modify our services to clients’ detailed requirements and phase of development. Distinct from other local and international recruiting companies, 1STEK Ltd. is dedicated to create and fostering enduring dealings and associations.

Satisfaction of Our Clients

After a succession of partnerships and strategic arrangements, our selection of amenities has developed to meet demand, and our list of clients continues to depend on upon our knowledgeable and state-of-the-art services. It also includes superior awareness and understanding of the client markets in the regions of South East Asia and Africa through our painstaking and exhaustive facts in the source market within the regions through our recruiting ability in several countries within the regions. Continuing support to promote employees and managers with HR linked and associated queries or apprehensions

A Diverse and Superior Approach to Headhunting

Separately from our distinctive and exclusive recruiting style, both local and international groups and organizations choose 1STEK Staffing and Consulting (1STEK) Ltd. for the following merits and wherewithal:

  • We are very much trained. Our headhunters have the business wisdom and recruiting expertise essential to operate at whatsoever level of recruitment is desired and required.

  • We devote time with clients to develop an extension of their minds, making certain that we have the identical dream and idea as clients when we are marketing their breaks and prospects.

  • We deal a greatly and decidedly engrossed client service. We go further than just knowing what the position involves, and conduct thorough organization exploration and examination.

  • We stringently act in accordance with clients’ specified discretion and secrecy.

  • We have unresolved communication guidelines. We are entirely apparent and translucent to clients throughout the recruiting procedure, providing clients with information and news on the status of clients’ campaign.

  • We keep up a system and linkage of contacts and a comprehensive knowledge base. We must profoundly recognize and comprehend global market changes and improvements in the IT and Telecommunication sectors and creates conjointly advantageous associations and affiliations.

  • We source candidates in a different way. Our headhunting options and approaches reach and source out even those candidates who are not vigorously and keenly looking to change careers in the fields of IT and Telecommunications.