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Our HR Services

Our services are intended and aimed to support clients’ inclusive business tactic and scheme. We work carefully and thoroughly with clients as projects and amenities progress to make certain clients are getting ideal value from our effort.

Outsourced HR

Our outsourced HR services at 1STEK Staffing and Consulting (1STEK) Ltd. are intended for businesses that want HR support, but don’t require someone permanent. Amenities are entirely modified so that clients obtain support those responses to the areas and ingenuities that will bring the highest return on investment. By having us concentrate on dealing and handling HR, clients will have more period to emphasize on their numerous other accountabilities and tasks as well as the suppleness to modify course and bearing quickly as HR problems and concerns ascend.

We construct and form an understanding of clients’ burning disputes and concerns, HR practices presently in place, what’s operational and what is not functioning, clients’ recruiting requirements and the forms of positions clients’ prerequisite to fill, clients’ throughput ratio, clients’ philosophy and the gradations and experiments of clients’ specific industry, especially the IT and Telecommunications sectors. This in-depth awareness and facts permit us to provide endorsements and backing on HR undertakings that will have a constructive effect on clients’ business and association.

  • Continuing support to promote employees and managers with HR linked and associated queries or apprehensions.

  • Wide-ranging employment practice acquiescence and management;

  • Payment benchmarking and strategy to entice, preserve and stimulate talent while meeting clients’ financial plan;

  • Employee onboarding to make certain fresh hires get off to an even start and complete fresh employment accounts and benefit staffing;

  • Worker associations support as required as well as proactively recognizing concerns and taking steps to lessen threat;

  • Performance appraisal procedure scheme, execution and preservation;

  • Benefit plan amalgamation, plan formulation, merchant choice and rekindling administration;

  • Labor force preparation and development to make certain sustained growth and efficiency of clients’ staffs;

  • Enlisting services to support with discovering and drawing topmost ability; and,

  • Management of other HR platforms and procedures that will make best use of employee efficiency and return on investment.

All 1STEK Ltd. outsourced HR clients have constant and enduring consultation to make certain we are achieving the most critical tasks with the greatest impact.

HR Recruitment

Whether clients want and require assistance sourcing candidates, cross-examining, or receiving a second judgment about a potential critical hire, we deal a variety of engaging service alternatives that will make certain we meet clients’ requirements and necessities, while saving clients’ time, funds and assets.

1STEK Ltd. is distinct in that we deal and provide clients the capability to select which parts of the recruitment procedure clients need to outsource. We take the while to get to be familiar with clients’ business desires and prerequisites in detail together with their industry and definite sectors, the appointing manager, the methodological expertise set and company philosophy fit essential to make certain the recruitment procedure steps clients’ choose to outsource are capitalize on to their complete prospective.

From its beginnings in Hong Kong, 1STEK Staffing and Consulting (1STEK) Ltd. has developed to a regional operation with a full service provider that includes stable and provisional staffing solutions, executive search and choice, as well as outplacement. This permits 1STEK Ltd. to upkeep clients across every component of their businesses in South East Asia and Africa regions.

It handles senior management level recruitment on behalf of its clients. With an all encompassing and broad candidate record and databank of extremely competent and knowledgeable executives pooled with conducting direct explorations and promotion, our clients are certain to receive a specialized and immediate deal and amenity.

1STEK Ltd.’s Executive Search provides expert and competent executive quests to clients across our industry specialization groups in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific and Africa regions. 1STEK Ltd. Executive Consultants are proficient at supervising tasks and coursework for the specialized sectors on Electronics, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Professional Amenities, and Telecommunications, Media & Technology under the following functions: Engineering & Quality; Financial Management & Accounting; Information Technology; Manufacturing Management; Procurement & Supply Chain; and, Project Management.

1STEK Ltd. is thoroughly engrossed on recruitment as its essential activity with each of our clients consigned to a specialized adviser, who is the main contact focusing on guaranteeing the best quality of amenity. Our specialized and skilled experts support our clients in managing ail features of recruitment by working diligently collectively. Our objective is to deal our clients an unbroken, resourceful and proficient service.

In addition to our proficiency in overall recruitment, 1STEK Ltd. has developed a specialization in particular and explicit industries. Teams of qualified and knowledgeable consultants who comprehend and recognize the field and client wants and necessities support each concentration. We focus on the following industry sectors: IT 8; Telecommunications; Industrial Manufacturing; and, Electronics.

Under 1STEK Ltd.’s Temporary Staffing Service, we partner companies in sourcing and placing short and long term temporary/contract staff in the IT and Telecommunications sectors. Services provided are the following: Recruitment of short term temporary staff; Recruitment of long term contract staff; and, Outsourcing Services.

Interim Management Solutions (IMS) offers and delivers a direct resolution to clients’ provisional business requirements through the ready setting up of managers who have specialty and widespread experience in treating multifaceted short to medium term, projects. There is a growing pool of experienced and knowledgeable managers available in South East Asia and Africa for short or longer term obligations and tasks on a contract basis through 1STEK Ltd.’s Interim Management service without the essential to add to luxurious enduring headcount. Usual assignments might comprise bedding down a new attainment, getting ready to a position for localization or closing down prevailing operation. At 1STEK Ltd., our temporary managers are skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the fields of IT and Telecommunications and are available at little notice for tasks and projects stretching from a small number of days to a number of months.

Our Interim Management Executives have the involvement and expertise essential to decide the precarious concerns on the clients’ business may face in South East Asia and Africa. With supple time structures and locations on offer, our provisional managers have established capability supporting with achievements, downscaling, and turnaround and catastrophe administration.